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It’s New Year’s post!

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, shana tova for everyone who reads my blog! This is supposed to be the 5,770th year since the creation of the universe, according to tradition. But since I don’t believe in that crap, all that’s left to enjoy is the change of atmosphere come the holidays. And holidays do have this kind of effect. One vacation day right after the weekend is just one of the pleasant symptoms of this change.

This year started really good. I was at a great party, celebrated my birthday with some family and it was raining pretty much for the whole weekend. I love rain, and I love autumn. It was great seeing ponds again all around. A rainy day and a gloomy weather give me so much inspiration. It sets the imagination loose and lifts the spirits. It reminds me when I was young, on clear sunny days, I used to stare at the countryside view in the distance on my way to school and imagine the sky dark with clouds and signs of rain and storm. I hope this rain is a good sign for a great year to come.

My resolution for the following year is to have a good leap into the freelancing world. I still want to keep my current posish at GeoSim, but develop my brand and self as a freelance animator as well. To accomplish this, I need to perfect a few more skills. First, my professional skills in animation, 3D modeling and illustration and my socilaiziation skills. Second, I want to be able to read and communicate with people better. This is a quality everyone needs and people who run their own business in particular.

My immediate goals are to finish my website. Currently I work on a logo for Darkstage Studio, which will replace the rose thing I assembled there in like a few seconds, just for that “coming soon” page. Second, I want the complete the design and put the site together. Then, based on that design I’ll print out some business cards. I need some business cards already.

I know this year is going to be an improvement for some people. Ziv, for instance, my Animation Mentor colleague and good friend, has just joined the ranks of one of  Crew972, one of the best animation studios in Israel. He was waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and I hope this year becomes a successful one for him.

So this weekend I had a very nice new year’s dinner at my grandparent with my sister, aunt and uncle. On Saturday I was at a great party and Sunday spent at the cinema watching Inglorious Basterds (great movie!). All considering, this has been a great weekend, and I hope a beginning of a great year.

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