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The Scout’s Briefing #2

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

1. Bored to Death TV series
I first heard about this new HBO comedy from The Art of the Title Sequence website (here).  I just finished watching the first episode. It’s a bit unrealistic as the way the plot goes, but it’s quite funny. Jonathan Ames, the protagonist, is a writer turned private detective after his girlfriend breaks up with him because he couldn’t quit smoking pot and drinking wine. Jason Schwartzman portrays a shy Jonathan by standing nervously with his hands in his pockets in an uncomfortable way.

2. Vivian Maier gallery
Vivian Maier (Feb 1926 – Apr 2009) was an urban photographer, who took photos of street life in Chicago for 20 years, between the 1950’s and 1970’s. This gallery is online thanks to John Haloof, a photographer himself, who had won the Maier collection in an auction and decided to put her work online. He wrote on the blog how difficult finding information about Vivian was. He could not trace any of her family members. The owner of a camera shop she had used to frequent described her as a secluded person.
Her photographs look spontaneous. They sometimes depict people in static situations (like the photo on the left), sometimes people in the middle of picking inside their bags or eating a hotdog. This gallery captures a typical landscape of American urbania, and the black and white photography adds to the sense of timelessness. You can really emphasize with each person.

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