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This Week’s Discoveries #5: Peter Hintz, John Abrahamson and V

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
  1. Peter Hintz
    An interesting post on with us or against us published this Monday linked to the gallery of Peter Hintz. He’s a German illustrator. I can’t really tell much about him since most of the info I found out was in German. But I wanted to note him here because of his inspiring work. I really love the dynamic lines in his art, they’re so free and spontaneous. He adds up to the lines textures and splatters of color and makes interesting compositions. His bizzare and sometimes pervert subjects also fascinate me.


  1. The Cat With Hands
    Not a new short, but an interesting horror flick worth noting.
  2. John U. Abrahamson
    A fine dark artist. I love his combination of fallen angels, gas masks, halos and dark atmospheres. His S&M artworks are also awesome.
  3. 9 minutes from the new ABC series “V”
    A remake of the 1983 miniseries, the upcoming V has awesome special effects, as can be seen in this little video here. Totally cool spaceship hovers over New York and excellent chopper explosion. As far as I understand, the main story is of this day’s modern society and how it deals in the face of some motherfucking large motherships hovering over major cities of the world. Yup, much like Independence Day or Immortel (ad vitam). But I must admit this thing looked pretty good. I’m looking forward to see it!
  4. Despicable Me trailer
    Last item for this week:
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