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This Week’s Findings #4

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment
  1. Jan K. Vollmer
    A 3D artist I found on 3Dtotal. His realistic glass rendering really captured my eye. He has amazing artwork on his website. Jan uses 3dsmax and VRay. For the image below he won the CG Arena excellence award. That kind of craftsmanship is what I aspire to.
  2. David Lam
    Also featured on 3Dtotal is David lam’s amazing demo reel. He worked on some of the most recent and amazing games, like Prototype, a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Halo 3. Also an amazing demoreel worth watching.
  3. Short film: Popped
    This is a fantastic short created by Bianca Beneduci through the VFS Classical Animation program. Through a clever use of storytelling and metaphor, Bianca presents very familiar situations of peer pressure and conformity. It’s stuff everyone faces at one point or another. I love the dark creatures and how their character design implies their intentions. The ending shot is amazing. Just watch it, okay?
  4. Stephane Halleux
    Stephane’s sculptures are a fascinating combination of Tim Burton, Douglas Tennapel and French films. Halleux uses metallic parts and leather to give his sculptures a disturbing feeling. All of his designs follow these consistent ghoulish themes which I really love. His characters have long, eerie and sharp metallic fingers.
    Among his vast collection of characters there’s the classic “doctor” holding a peculiar tool bag that invalidates your trust in the medical authorities. I also loved the ones who were confined to wheelchairs. Those evil contraptions make you think whether it’s for the patient’s own good or to fulfill someone’s sick sadistic pleasures.



  5. Sam Weber
    Another amazing illustrator that has captured my mind. He illustrates for editorials, books and even comics. He has great stuff.



Modeling and animation for Atomic Arts

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Atomic Arts hired me last August to work with them on a short presentation they were doing for the inauguration ceremony of the new rapid transit system in Dubai.

They asked me to model the train station and do some animation sequences. What they wanted was the camera revolving around the train and the station as these objects unravel and reveal their inside to the audience.

I had a great time working with the team, especially my Animation Mentor colleague, Henrik, who supervised the project in addition of doing some materials and rendering. There were also Pavel, who did an excellent job with texturing the station and Toby who was responsible for lighting, materials and rendering. The train was modeled by Carlos.

So check out the result (there is a long intro in this video which was not part of the project, and WordPress ignores the timecode I put in the URL, so skip to 5:40):

Coffee Jar model

October 21, 2009 1 comment

I just finished rendering this thing I’ve been working on a while ago. I find that bottle to be quite an interesting object to model and texture. I had some hard time figuring out the glass’s refraction (and thanks Dan for all your help with that) but eventually I think I nailed it pretty well. It’s not perfect, but it looks realistic enough.

This was modeled with 3dsmax 2009 and rendered with VRay. I textured it with photos I took of the original object found in my kitchen and turned the photos into textures using Photoshop.