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This Week’s Findings #4

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment
  1. Jan K. Vollmer
    A 3D artist I found on 3Dtotal. His realistic glass rendering really captured my eye. He has amazing artwork on his website. Jan uses 3dsmax and VRay. For the image below he won the CG Arena excellence award. That kind of craftsmanship is what I aspire to.
  2. David Lam
    Also featured on 3Dtotal is David lam’s amazing demo reel. He worked on some of the most recent and amazing games, like Prototype, a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Halo 3. Also an amazing demoreel worth watching.
  3. Short film: Popped
    This is a fantastic short created by Bianca Beneduci through the VFS Classical Animation program. Through a clever use of storytelling and metaphor, Bianca presents very familiar situations of peer pressure and conformity. It’s stuff everyone faces at one point or another. I love the dark creatures and how their character design implies their intentions. The ending shot is amazing. Just watch it, okay?
  4. Stephane Halleux
    Stephane’s sculptures are a fascinating combination of Tim Burton, Douglas Tennapel and French films. Halleux uses metallic parts and leather to give his sculptures a disturbing feeling. All of his designs follow these consistent ghoulish themes which I really love. His characters have long, eerie and sharp metallic fingers.
    Among his vast collection of characters there’s the classic “doctor” holding a peculiar tool bag that invalidates your trust in the medical authorities. I also loved the ones who were confined to wheelchairs. Those evil contraptions make you think whether it’s for the patient’s own good or to fulfill someone’s sick sadistic pleasures.



  5. Sam Weber
    Another amazing illustrator that has captured my mind. He illustrates for editorials, books and even comics. He has great stuff.



New “subscribe by email” link

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment

I just added a new feature to the blog that lets my readers (and that means you!) to get updates by email whenever I post a new item on the site. Use it well, my friends. Thanks Jon Dyer from for his free icons set. Cheers!

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Introspective from Outer Space

October 19, 2009 3 comments

I’m writing this after reading this Bad Astronomy post. This is a photo of the Earth and Jupiter taken by the Mars Global Surveyor in 2003. The MGS was a spacecraft that used to operate around Mars for 9 years, up until 2007. This is how Earth and Jupiter look from Mars:

This is a crop of the original image. I borrowed it from Phil Plait’s post mentioned above. I hope he doesn’t mind.

But viewing the original image gave me one of those curious shivers I usually get when thinking of the vastness of space. Ever had that feeling? It happens when the brain tries to comprehend the size of the universe and realizes it’s really unable to. It’s like your mind gets a buffer overflow.

Pictures like that make me think of how cool it’d be if one day we could travel among the stars like they were the nearest town. Recent talks of water on the moon and plans of colonizing it have rekindled my imagination about living in space. Although cheerful images of growing up on a space colony that look like the suburb next door just on a different planet or setting out to explore new territories for the better of mankind are quickly being replaced by the dark and twisted brain of mine into something more bleak and desolate…

Imagine mankind finally breaks the boundaries of space and a whole new age of advanced commercialized space travel develops. It’s the new age when prospectors set out to explore the darkest corners of the galaxy in search of new resources. Thousands of promising mining colonies are being established wherever men can set their greedy claws upon. Sky is no longer the limit. Resources are abundant. Climate catastrophes no longer pose a threat to human existence. The future never looked more bright for mankind, which takes another giant step. But the plunge into the dark space foretells only a single morbid outcome.

Wealth corrupts once again the heart of man. Large sinister corporations become the only real authority. Men are worn off by hard work. Humanity is drawn back into the dark ages. The dark ages of space. And indifference.

Not a bright future.

In the future of the space age, there is no evil alien race that threatens to wipe out humanity and bring the people’s hearts close together in the process, bringing forth a grand adventure and a happy end. In the future space sets people apart. Families and friendships become a remnant of an obscure past. Art, books and entertainment disappear into the bleak void. Society as we know it disintegrates into the gloominess of space and machines now replace a mother’s love and a lover’s caress. Physical and mental diseases are being treated by the machines and the new man, the great man of the space age, grows into an isolated, misanthrope and egoist creature. Dreary indifference fills the men’s hearts, and the human kind becomes a prisoner in a dungeon that is the infinite freedom of space.

The only sound people hear is the hum of the engines and the beeps of the monitors. The only smell is that of damp and chilly corridors people pass day after day. The only taste is the sourness of dry blood after a hard day’s work. The only feel is of rusty metal bars that barely hold together a decadent space station.

The human kind does not need a natural catastrophe to bring on its demise. It has brought it upon itself, by setting out to space and disintegrating it’s very essence: the human spirit. The human spirit that can bring individual people together in harmony, can sparkle hope in our hearts, can balm our aching bodies and bring a smile upon our faces. But that spirit dwindles in space.

The human race is dead. Physically, it is alive, yes, but in any other perspective it has long perished. And if the illusion of meaning, once devised by great men, has waned a long time ago, what makes a man now more significant than a crater or a rock, even in its own eyes?

The Scout’s Briefing – This week’s discoveries

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

I think of making this a permanent column here.

1. I could subscribe my blog on blog communities sites to increase traffic
Yup. Silly of me for not thinking of it before. But after reading Problogger’s article about increasing traffic I went right away and put my blog on all the sites he mentioned and my traffic did indeed increase. Thanks you, new visitors from near and far.

2. Illustrator Josh Holinaty
He’s one of those artists I like in first glance. His works inspire me and I love his style. I found out about him by reading this Kitsune Noir post.

3. The Fourth Kind Trailer
Dan brought to my attention the trailer for this new crazy film starring Milla Jovovich. It’s supposed to be a documenting and dramatizing strange cases of alien abductions in Nome, Alaska. In the trailer, the victims claimed they see a white owl looking at them, which they link to the abduction. Strange enough, my late grandmother once mentioned seeing an owl in the window and linked it to death. Oh well. Anyway, the trailer is really worth watching. I liked how it was produced.

4. Bored to Death title animation
Found out in The Art of the Title Sequence. Bored to Death is a new comedy series about a writer that turns to the private detective business. Click here to watch.

5. The evolution of Apple ads
Found here on the Web Designer Depot website.

6. The new Chrome themes really suck
I do not endorse calling the mere replacement of the background image a “theme”. And that’s why the new feature in Google Chrome browsers suck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m addicted to Chrome, but the Firefox themes are way better, because they really change the way your browser look, including icons and sizes of menus. But I’m sure they’ll get there eventually with Chrome too. In the meantime, I’m sticking with the regular light blue theme.

7. And finally, I uploaded my demoreel on Vimeo. No more annoying Aniboom embedding crap.

Well, that’s it for this week. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.